Tag Heuer For Men 7AA Premium Collection Model – Tag Calibre 36


🌟 _Tag Heuer Carrera with muscular looks & chronograph now available & Ready to ship today _🌟

Tag Heuer
For Men
7AA Premium Collection
Dial Size 44mm
Features follows
– Working chronograph
– Date Indicator
– 24 Hour & 12 Hour country time
-Sporty open machine dial looks
-Classy Wheel rotating seconds
– 60 Min & 30 min reset
– Tag Heuer Clasp buckle
– Push Button smooth Stop Watch movement
-leather strap
– 100% Trusted High Quality Chronograph machinery ❤️

✨ New model with price updated & whit brand box 📦

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✅ TAG Heuer Carrera Sport represents an evolutionary change in the lineup, retaining its modern Carrera aesthetic and now it’s more refined. ✅

Tag Heuer
For Men
7AA Premium Collection
Model – Tag Calibre 36
Carrera Chronograph
Features follows –


– Working chronograph
– Date Indicator
– steel IPG rated colour
– 24 Hour & 12 Hour country time
– Sporty Black& brown Black and. Blue look dial
– 60 Min & 30 min reset
– Solid Stainless steel body
– Tag Heuer heavy lock buckle
– Push Button smooth Stop Watch movement
– 100% Trusted & Uncomparable stop watch Chronograph machinery ❤️

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